SUPPLY eXchange

SUPPLY eXchange is a FREE service provided by SouthWest Plumbing Supply that was created with one purpose in mind: to embrace new technologies to streamline and enhance the supply chain of the plumbing and HVAC industry in favor of SouthWest’s buying group members, by providing a convenient and powerful way for wholesale supply houses to share inventory, and profit from the collective marketing efforts of all members of the buying group.

By leveraging the SUPPLY eXchange network of supply houses located across the country, members will be able to serve their customers and improve their business by:

  • Sourcing hard to find products
  • Gaining access to buying group members' surplus inventories
  • Keeping sales volume INSIDE the buying group
  • Having instant access to diverse marketing channels online and off
  • Gaining instant access to product specs and information for hundreds of thousands of items all in one place

Both buyers and sellers on the SUPPLY eXchange will benefit by expanding their available inventory, and sales opportunities, while simultaneously increasing the buying power of the group by keeping more product exchange within the buying group. SUPPLY eXchange will allow you to harness the full buying power, and selling power, of the buying group by allowing members to tap in to real-time inventories, and sales efforts, of fellow members across the country.

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